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Sofa Care Guide

Your Tech sofa will be like a member of the family and you’ll want keep it looking like new. Knowing how to care for your sofa on a daily, weekly and monthly basis will extend your sofa’s life, keeping it comfortable for longer. 
A quick spruce up can refresh your whole room with barely any effort. Here’s a few helpful hints and tips on how.

Daily & Weekly Tasks

Run a clean soft duster over your sofa at least once a week. Go easy, brush gently and be sure to get into all those small gaps. Simply use a clean damp cloth to wipe over your sofa. This will prevent general dust or dirt building up and stop any gradual staining.

Monthly Tasks

We recommend vacuuming your sofa once a month. If possible turn your vacuum down to a low setting and use a brush attachment. This will remove pesky dust particles, prevent soiling and undue wear.

Tech Tasks

Our technology tends to look after its self so mostly leave it to it. We do recommend a quick wipe with a microfiber cloth every now and then. This will keep the dust away and make your tech look shiny and new. Be sure to keep water well away at all times.


Think about whether repositioning your sofa in another spot might give your room a new look. Try to avoid exposing your sofa to direct sunlight as this could cause colours to fade more quickly.

Makeover Time?

If you’re thinking of transforming your sofa, a great new look is easy to achieve with new accessories. Shop around for new throws and scatter cushions, play around with patterns and colour combinations to find a look to suite you.