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Finding the Perfect Furniture Setup with Tech Sofa

Finding the Perfect Furniture Setup with Tech Sofa

Welcome to Tech Sofa, where innovation meets comfort to create the ultimate living room setup. Our range of tech-infused sofas offers a variety of configurations that cater to your specific needs and preferences.

Whether you're a fan of the classic 2-seater electric reclining sofa, prefer the spaciousness of a 3-seater electric reclining sofa, love the idea of a reclining corner sofa, or want to add an armchair to the mix, Tech Sofa has got you covered. Let's delve into the possibilities of finding the perfect furniture setup with our cutting-edge offerings.

The Dynamic Duo: 2 Seater and 3 Seater Sofas

Our 2-seater and 3-seater electric recliner sofas redefine relaxation with their array of features. Power headrests, heated seats, 4-D sound systems, built-in Bluetooth speakers, cooling cup holders, storage compartments, and wireless phone chargers are just the beginning. The combinations vary across different 'Series', ensuring you find the precise experience you desire for your living room.

Perfect Pair: 2 Seater and Armchair

Mixing a 2-seater electric recliner sofa with a power recliner armchair offers versatility and style. Choose from materials like 100% real leather, faux leather, or velour fabric. These combos bring luxurious comfort and modern convenience to your space. This set up can be perfect for a smaller living space!

Trio of Comfort: 3 Seater, 2 Seater and Armchair

For a slightly larger space, you could opt for the 3 seater, 2 seater and armchair set up. You could even elevate your living room with a 3-seater electric recliner sofa paired with a power recliner armchair. The power headrests and recline buttons enhance your lounging experience, while the various fabric options let you personalise your style.

Corner Elegance: Corner Sofa and Armchair

Tech Sofa's corner recliner sofas redefine sophistication. Pair a corner sofa with an electric recliner armchair for a cosy, immersive setup. Enjoy features like USB ports and 'Audio Legs' for a cinematic experience right at home. We also have a range of large corner sofas depending on your space and set up.

Spacious Harmony: Corner Sofa and 2 Seater

If you require a lot of seating for a larger family or guests, this could be the perfect option for you. Experience the perfect blend of space and comfort with a corner sofa and a 2-seater electric recliner sofa. These sofas come with a range of features, including power headrests and 4-D sound systems, ensuring an unforgettable living room setup.


Add to the furniture set up with a Tech Sofa footstool! Explore our collection of footstools meticulously designed to complement each Tech Sofa Series collection.

For those seeking unparalleled comfort, the Series 4 footstool from Tech Sofa is the epitome of the perfect balance between cosiness and support. Topped with high-density foam and Dacron fibre, the Series 4 footstool guarantees a resting experience that is second to none.

If you have an eye for aesthetics and desire the ultimate fusion of style and functionality, feast your senses on the Series 6 footstool. Adorned in a captivating crushed velour fabric finished in silver, the Series 6 footstool will undoubtedly elevate the decor of your home to new heights.

Benefits of Electric Recliner Furniture

Owning electric recliner furniture brings numerous advantages. The ease of adjusting your seating angle at the push of a button is unparalleled. These pieces offer maximum comfort with features like power headrests and heated seats. Plus, with built-in USB ports and wireless phone chargers, you can stay connected without compromising on relaxation.

Choosing the Perfect Style and Material

Tech Sofa offers a range of materials to suit your preferences. From 100% real leather sofas for a touch of luxury to faux leather that captures the elegance of leather without maintenance, and velour fabric for ultimate softness and comfort, there's something for every taste.

Elevate Your Living Space with Tech Sofa

Incorporating tech-infused sofas into your living room setup brings comfort and innovation together in perfect harmony. Whether you opt for a classic 2-seater, spacious 3-seater, or the elegance of a corner sofa, Tech Sofa has a range of features and materials to suit your style. The convenience of power recliners and the array of extra features make these sofas the epitome of relaxation and luxury. 

Visit our showroom or explore our collection of electric recliner sofas online to discover the perfect furniture setup that will transform your living space into a haven of comfort and style.

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