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Collection: Electric Recliner Corner Sofas

Spacious, luxurious and packed with cutting-end features and conveniences, an electric recliner corner sofa from Tech Sofa is the ultimate in-home comfort. Ideal for large families or those who love to entertain, our corner sofa with recliners offers ample seating and relaxation, as well as plenty of built-in futuristic features.

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Electric Corner Recliner Features

We've loaded our corner recliner sofas with innovative features and technologies. There is a sofa in our selection that provides the precise experience you're looking for, thanks to the various feature combinations you'll find throughout.

Among the features are power headrests, heated seats, a "4-D" sound system, integrated Bluetooth speakers, cooling cup holders, hidden storage compartments, wireless phone charging spots, and many more game-changing conveniences!

Browse our whole collection to find the perfect corner recliner couch for your living space because each "Series" has a distinctive blend of these features!

Fabric Options

We offer our customers several upholstery options, including 100% real leather, faux leather and 'velour' fabric:

100% Leather Corner Recliners

Our 100% leather corner recliners are finished with luxurious, premium leather. This finish creates an incredibly appealing and comfortable seat that will add character to any living space. 

Faux Leather Corner Recliners

If you don't want to choose our "100% leather" option but still want a corner sofa with the enticing look and plush feel of a leather sofa, we've got you covered! Our imitation leather reclining couches are just what you need! Our leatherette-based faux leather recliners have a realistic appearance and feel, just like the real thing.

Super-Soft 'Velour' Fabric

Our high-end velour fabric sofas are perfect for those who are looking for a sofa that is soft to the touch. The soothing feeling of the material is perfect for relaxi1ng after a long day. The luxurious look of the fabric also adds a touch of elegance to any living space.

Which Electric Recliner Sofa Is For Me?

Reclining corner sofas provide ultimate comfort for the whole family. Our range includes various materials and styles, meaning there is something for everyone. Our power recliner sofas are available with 4 or 5 seats too! Choose a style, colour and size, and discover a perfect match for your home.

Electric Recliner Corner Sofas

Electric recliner sofas are great for taking some time to rest, kick back, relax and enjoy the incredible comfort and experience provided by an electric corner sofa for a true comfort upgrade. Electric reclining corner sofas provide that extra edge you need!