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Collection: 3 Seater Electric Recliner Sofas

Comfortable, luxurious and packed with countless futuristic features, our range of 3 seater electric recliners are available in a number of upholsteries and colours.

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3 Seater Electric Recliner Sofa Features

Our three-section reclining couches are jam-packed with cutting-edge features and technology. Throughout our collection, you'll discover several feature combinations, guaranteeing that there's a Tech Sofa that gives the precise experience you're searching for.

Power headrests, heated seats, a '4-D' sound system, built-in Bluetooth speakers, cooled cup holders, storage compartments, a wireless phone charger, and much more are among the features.

Each 'Series' has a unique combination of these features and materials, so browse our whole selection to discover the ideal 3-seat electric recliner for your living area!

Fabric Options

We offer our customers a number of upholstery options, including 100% real leather, faux leather and 'velour' fabric:

100% Leather 3 Seat Recliners

Our all-leather three-seat electric recliners are soft and sumptuous, combining to produce an amazingly attractive and comfy seat that will make any living area feel unique.

Faux Leather 3-Seat Recliners

Looking for a 3-seat electric recliner with the attractive appearance and sumptuous feel of a leather sofa but don't want to go with our' real leather' option? Our imitation leather recliner couches are just what you need! Our vegan leather recliners are made from realistic-looking leatherette and appear and feel exactly like the genuine thing. 

Velour Fabric 3-Seat Recliners

Our super-soft 'velour' fabric is extremely comfy and soothing, especially when the reclining couch is set to 'bed mode'! These sofas are soft to the touch, and the addition of a few scatter cushions will make the perfect 'snuggle spot' for any movie lover.

Colour Scheme

Our 3 seater recliner sofas are available in aesthetically pleasing colours and stylish tones, including versatile shades such as 'smokey taupe', 'pure silver' and 'moon grey'.

Power Recliner Sofas

Power recliner sofas can be so much more beneficial than manual recliners, as you can recline into your preferred position or even, the perfect position! Our power recliner sofas have pocket sprung seats and are also available with a power headrest - creating the most comfortable experience. An electric recliner sofa can be perfect for having a stretch out and relaxing. Give yourself more space and comfort with a 3 seater electric recliner sofa from Tech Sofa.