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Tech Sofa Now Offer 5-Year Sofa Protection!

Sofa protection cover

In need of a little extra protection for your sofa? Tech Sofa now offers 5-year protection plans to cover any damages that may come your way. From accidental stains, damages and structural defects, our fabric protection has you covered.

This coverage is provided by Castelan, furniture care and insurance experts. This comprehensive cover includes protection against a wide range of stains and accidental damage, so you can relax and enjoy your sofa worry-free.

What's Covered in your 5-Year Protection Plan?

Spills and Stains

Cover against any accidental spills or stains, including coffee, red wine, ink, makeup, food, and more. That means no more worrying about that wine glass tipping over or your little ones 'accidentally' drawing all your prized Tech Sofa with a marker.

Scuffs and Tears

Worried about wear and tear? This protection plan covers any scuffs, tears, or other damage that may occur to your sofa over time. So whether Fido gets a little too excited and jumps on the couch or your kids use it as a trampoline, you can rest easy knowing your sofa is protected.

Structural defects 

Protecting you if things go wrong, this covers against any faults with the sofas components such as springs, webbing, mechanism and much more. Along with all things electrical from the power motors down to the cooling cupholders. No need to worry, we've got you covered.

Here are some commonly asked questions & answers about our 5-year fabric protection coverage

When does the security begin? 

Your fabric protection begins as soon as you take possession of your sofa. It is valid for 5 years and you can claim as many times as you need, so you are well-protected!

Can I purchase protection after receiving my sofa?

It is no longer possible to add the Castelan Fabric Protection once your sofa has been delivered to your home.

Do you use any of those protective sprays on your sofas? 

No! We wouldn't dare to use one of those toxic sprays to safeguard your beautiful sofa.

What if I decide to return or cancel my sofa? Will I still have to pay for the Castelan Fabric Protection?

If you cancel or return your sofa without making a claim, we will deactivate your insurance and refund you in full. You can also cancel your coverage 14 days after receiving your Certificate of Insurance (which will be sent to you shortly after your sofa has been delivered). Again, we will fully refund you!

You can click here for a full breakdown of everything that's covered in your 5-year protection plan and access to important documents you'll want to read over.

So go ahead and enjoy your Tech Sofa sofa worry-free! We've got you covered.

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