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CONSOLE CLASH: Which Gaming Console Is Best?

Which gaming console is best?

Which Gaming Console Is The Best And Why?

We all know there is a staggering debate over which gaming consoles are the best. Gamers nowadays are more passionate about this than ever before, possibly due to the more advanced capabilities and niches that each gaming console holds. Back in the day, you were given a GameCube with two games and had to make do. In this day and age, the gaming industry is colossal. This then causes a debate about which gaming console is the best. Sit back, relax on your gaming sofa and let the ultimate Smackdown vs Raw battle, a.k.a. the CLASH OF THE CONSOLES, commence.

Which Gaming Console Is Best For Beginners?

Are you beginning your exciting new gaming journey? Are you overwhelmed by the perplexing gaming terminology that may overshadow your decision? Well, look no further. So, we have not one but two choices for you as a gaming beginner—both options will guide you on your 'pro-gamer' quest.

Nintendo Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch Lite is perfect for any gamer starting out, from new gamers as young as 5 to adult gamers picking up a console for the first time. 

The Nintendo Switch Lite can only be played in handheld mode, eliminating any complexity of other technologies. The 5-inch screen is the perfect size for small hands, making it comfortable to hold. The best element of the Switch Lite is its simplicity in comparison to other models, as well as other consoles. The sizeable range of captivating games is a bonus too!

PS4 Slim

The PlayStation 4 Slim is also a wise choice for gaming beginners. The PS4 Slim tends to be an excellent starter console as it is known to get the job done. With 1080p resolution and holding all the same attributes as the PS4 Pro or even later models, the PS4 Slim is a perfect choice. The PS4 Slim is much simpler to work with and manage than other models. It is also more energy efficient. There are very few differences between this model and others. It is also a lot easier on your back pocket! You're getting what you need out of it, but for less money – this gaming console is a no-brainer for beginners.

Which Gaming Console Has The Best Graphics?

For graphics, we will have to crown Xbox Series X by Microsoft, the king of the land. Typically, the latest products have more updated and better-quality graphics until the Xbox Series X bombshell arrived. The Xbox Series X exceeds standard power rules, weighing in with a mind-blowing 12 teraflops of graphical performance for the hyper-detailed 4K games at up to 120 frames per second. If you have no idea what I just said, the graphics are MEGA on this gaming console compared to the competition.

Which Gaming Console Is Best For The Whole Family?

which gaming console is best?

Why argue with Uncle Ed about being bankrupt and having to sell your Oxford Street property in a game of Monopoly when there is THE perfect gaming console out there for you to have more fun and probably argue a whole lot more? Introducing... the Nintendo Switch Oled. A Nintendo Switch is compatible with families as its impressive capabilities allow it to connect easily to a bigger screen for multiple-person use. It also has parental controls for keeping an eye on the little ones! The Nintendo Switch Oled also has a flip-able screen to share the fun with multiplayer games. A plethora of games are available for the family, but let's face it, beating your 7-year-old on Mario Kart is the ultimate ego boost!

Which Gaming Console Has The Most Storage?

When it comes to storage capacity, the heavyweight champion so far is the Xbox One S. It offers the most substantial hard drive for gaming consoles yet, standing at 2 TB. However, the heavyweight champion can permanently lose their belt to something bigger and better – later, more advanced consoles have the chance to overtake them.

Which Gaming Console Is The Fastest?

If you are eager to get into your favourite games as quickly as possible, then the PS5 can cater to these needs. The speed disparity between the PS5 and the highly advanced XBOX Series X/S combo is almost double. The XBOX Series X/S speed weighs in at 2.4GB per second. However, the PS5 weighs in at a whopping 5.5GB per second, so if speed is your thing, the PS5 is the contender for you.


which gaming console is best?

Which Gaming Console Is Most Popular And Why?

In terms of the most popular gaming console right now, the PS5 wins the gold. The PlayStation has been a favourite in the gaming community since the record-breaking sales of the PlayStation 2 back in 2002. The PS5 tends to be more favourable to gamers due to its lightning-fast load speeds. This new, visually appealing DualSense controller allows a precise sense of touch and a phenomenal line-up of gaming titles. Although power and graphics are not as tenable as the Xbox Series, they still pack a punch. The only downfall is the product's availability – but I guess that makes the PS5 the most boast-worthy gadget on the market.

All in all, we can debate until the cows come home about which gaming console is essentially better than the other! The truth is that it depends on the gamer. For younger gamers, you may find that the Switch is the better option. For more advanced gamers, the Xbox or PlayStation would likely offer a higher-end and more engaging gaming experience. There are faster gaming consoles, more popular gaming consoles, gaming consoles with better storage, consoles with more advanced graphics, more exciting games, and the list goes on. Think about what you want from a home gaming console and pick your winner! 

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