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Working From Home Essentials | Tech Sofa

Working From Home Essentials | Tech Sofa

Working from home has become almost ubiquitous, and it's time to get the perfect setup! With the right balance of modern technology and a comfortable workspace, you can finally put an end to annoying distractions and maximise your productivity.

Whether you prefer a big, spacious office or a cosy corner in the bedroom to work in, make sure you have all your working-from-home essentials covered. Invest in a great laptop or computer, a comfortable seating arrangement, and noise-cancelling headphones so you can engage with tasks without interruption.

Don't forget that much-needed beverage break - make sure your beverage of choice is always at hand!

How can I create a comfortable and productive work environment at home?

Working from home—the dream. You don't have to leave the comfort of your couch; you can stay in your pyjamas all day, and there's no shortage of snacks. Working remotely can be a great experience, but make sure you're adequately prepared.

We have a list of essentials that will benefit your work-from-home activities!

Comfortable seating

Have you ever considered how important comfortable seating is when you're stuck at home? Whether you're working in the office or from your living or dining room, having a comfortable seat can make or break your workday productivity. Investing in an ergonomic chair or a cosy sofa gives you a chance to luxuriate during brainstorming sessions or hour-long conference calls.

Ergonomic chairs

Who said staying comfortable and working hard couldn't go hand in hand? Ergonomic chairs provide just that by offering users an optimum level of comfort while they work. Designed with adjustable settings, these chairs allow people to customise their posture according to their needs and ensure good spine alignment at the same time! They are also super handy for desk work.

Tech Sofas

If you'd rather not work from a desk in your home and prefer to have your laptop or notepad in front of you whilst you relax, Tech Sofa provides a range of super convenient sofas with advanced technology devices built in for all working-from-home activities.

Recliner furniture

If you opt for an armchair and footstool or a two-seater sofa, your life will be easier and cosier either way! With reclining power and power headrests, you can adjust your position for long periods of sitting time. You can even crank up the heated seats on a frosty day.


Each series of Tech Sofa has a multitude of qualities to cater to work-from-home requirements, for example:

  • USB ports, for any devices that require charging.
  • Wireless charging pads, for phones or ipads and charging requirements.
  • Bluetooth speakers, to connect to your devices to ensure you do not miss a beat.
  • Cooling cupholders, avoid being distracted by making fresh beverages and keep them cool all day long.
  • Drop-down tables, for holding laptops or note pads.

Quality technology

Working from home, with the right technology in tow, not only brings all the advantages of a traditional office setup to your living room but also brings brand new opportunities. Thanks to modern quality gadgets such as laptops, tablets, smartphones and internet connections, we can now schedule meetings and conferences with employees or teleconference with clients across the nation with ease. So if you're looking to make sure that your at-home job is carried out with professionalism and outfitted with the goods required to get the job done - think quality technology.

Adequate stationery

Working from home can be a great opportunity for many of us, allowing us to stay safe and comfortable with our laptops and from the comfort of our own homes. But we must also remember one very vital part of the work-from-home equation: stationery!

That's right - stocking up on the essentials is an absolute must if you want to make sure that you're prepared and ready to hit the ground running in your remote career. Adequate stationery isn't just nice to have; it's absolutely essential. Pens, post-its, notebooks - don't skimp on any of these; once you have them in tow, you'll be ready to take on any project like a pro.

Do not forget a calendar! Having a calendar to write down notes and meetings will keep you organised and stress-free!

Reliable WIFI

Working from home without reliable wifi is like taking an exam without a pencil - it’s impossible to get the job done. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to ensure your family is connected no matter what obstacle mother nature throws at you.

From simple solutions like extending your current router range using advanced mesh systems all the way to investing in quality cellular routers for 4G and 5G signals, having reliable wifi at home for work, play and entertainment have never been easier. Say goodbye to those days of pulling out your laptop from one corner of the house to another or running around trying to find the best signal strength – your wifi game level just got upgraded!


Noise-cancelling headphones:

If you thought that the sound of your pet excitedly barking or running up and down the stairs was a distraction before, working from home has made you become extra creative in finding ways to stay focused on your work in a busy household. But luckily there's an easy solution: noise-cancelling headphones.

A great pair of headphones not only blocks out all the other annoying sounds, allowing you to concentrate on the task at hand without any disturbances but also provides you with some quiet time in case you just need a moment to take a break and clear your head. Working from home doesn't have to be chaotic if you just invest in the right tools.

Mini Fridge:

One great perk is having a mini fridge close by, stocked full of all your favourite snacks and drinks. No more waiting in line for the breakroom refrigerator at work, and no more running out of supplies at home! You can now munch on tasty treats while powering through your workload without interruption or delay.

There we have it, some creative essentials for working from home! Whether you're ready to recline into position with your feet up or purchase the ultimate noise-blocking headphones, elevate your productivity sessions with our work-from-home essentials!

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